Portsmouth Martial Arts

The place to train in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas of Southsea, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Fareham, Southampton, Havant, Cosham and Waterlooville

Kicking Technique

Japanese Traditional Martial Arts. Learn Self Defense techniques proven on the battle fields of Japan and on the streets of the world.

The traditional skills of Ninjutsu taught at Portsmouth Martial arts cover all eventualities.
All hand and foot striking techniques
All throws, sweeps and take downs
All locks and strangles
All escapes and evasions from the above


Wrapped together in an easy to understand free flowing movement system creating a fight style that suits your body not your instructors.

Real world street defence plus the depth and interest provided by traditional techniques. That’s a win-win situation.

We are not a fat loss centre however many of our rounder students have found themselves to be2 to 3 stoner lighter after a year’s training not bad for a spin off benefit

Add self confidence and self discipline to your mental arsenal. Plus meet a group of like minded positive new friends.

A massive array of traditional weapons (To name a few knife, sword, spear staff, rope, throwing implements and every day items which can be used for your self defense)

MMA also known as Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world.

If you have seen UFC then you now what we are talking aboutIt’s a combination of many martial arts to create a competition style that includes striking, take downs and submissions.

At Portsmouth Martial Arts we combine skills from the below

Thai boxing, kick boxing, boxing, judo, brazlian ju jitsu, sambo and wrestling

Learn how to combine these skills into a smooth efficient fighting style

Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. No matter if you have zero fitness we will build you slowly. If you are very fit we will move you to the next level.

No prior experience needed

Get fit

Increase cardio, strength and flexibly

Regular internal fights to develop your skills.

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 Traditional Japanese Martial Arts


Learn traditional techniques of defence including:-

  • Hand and foot strikes, nerve points, bone attacks, throwing & locking and ground fighting. Plus the ability to escape and evaded all of the above.

Traditional Japanese Weapon Systems

Study of Katana (sword), Hanbo (short stick), Bo (long stick), Kusari (rope), plus many more.


Mixed Martial Arts

A collection of fighting skills from kick boxing, wrestling, jujitsu and many other systems.Combined in to a fighting / sparring style. Learn the technique you see on UFC & cage fighting. Suitable for everyone