Mixed Martial Arts

Learn the Mix Martial Art (MMA) techniques that you see on cage fighting and UFC

Mix martial arts in Portsmouth for YOU.

If you want to lean MMA in Portsmouth then we are the place to come we will look after you.
Our lessons cater for all levels of ability. No matter if you are currently a couch potato with no fitness at all. We will build you up and improve your fitness week by week.If you are already fit we will help you reach the next level.

  • If you have no experience – Not a problem we show you step by step
  • If you have no fitness – We will develop your fitness
  • You will develop enhanced cardio, strength mobility and flexibility
  • Develop a full range of kicking and punching combination skills
  • Develop ground fighting and submission skills from the basic to the most advanced
  • Stand up grappling and take down skills
  • Create an effective fighting style. Balanced between hand and foot strikes, take down grappling skills and strike and submit ground techniques
  • The team is full of positive helpful people who will help YOU to achieve your best