BBD Ninjutsu Friends and Martial Art friends 2021

Hi all my BBD Friends and Martial Art friends everywhere, strange year for us all.

Here’s a video to remind us of the wonderful people, and skills that we will be back to shortly.

Regardless of Covid lockdowns or restrictions on training, we all keep going on.

My kitchen or back yard is my dojo for now, I can practise every technique in the syllabus with a bit of imagination.

And at some point in 2021, we will be back to normal and ready to rock on to our next challenge…. KEEP GOING and enjoy every step of your journey

Peter Mitchell – Really good to see all of those memories Andy. Cheers Sir.
Andrew Thomas – yep will see you on the flip side and we will have a blast
Sebastian Phillips – Yup. As the boss said, we train on our own but come together in times of crisis. See you all in 2021.
Andrew – Hi Sebastian Phillips exactly buddy see you soon
Mehmet Kosucu – fantastic , miss to b there
Andrew Thomas – yo yo buddy soonish we will be back and we will be great again, see you on the flip side buddy

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We are ready 2021