On 15th August we ran a test martial arts lesson to ensure our covid safe ninjutsu training works.

All worked well, the students in the test class were all pushed and found the material exciting, challenging and safe.

Students feedback below
Sebastian Phillips – Awesome training. Really impressed with how well thought out everything was. Far getter job of teaching while social distancing than any secondary school Ive seen!

Chris People – Brilliant work Andrew Thomas and team. I know it was a tonne of effort and planning but looking fantastic.

Will be contacting all adults directly to restart covid safe training.
Just remember we can only have 5 students plus me in a class at one time. Look out for my messages as I will be arranging class’s in groups of 5 imminently.

Apart from making exciting lessons that work we also made sure the mechanics of a COVID safe process worked as below

Prior To training

  • Arrive fully dressed to train
  • No changing into gi’s at the dojo
  • Arrive at the back door and leave by the front door
  • Temperature check made with infrared thermometer device. If flagged red will be requested to go home
  • Wash hands with sanitiser provided
  • Shoes in the rack by the back door
  • Sign covid track + trace register ( only needs to be filled in once )


  • Equipment to be cleaned with a wet wipe “after” use
  • Equipment to be cleaned with a wet wipe “before” use
  • If within 2 meters a “visor” is to be worn by students (I will supply)

Post lesson

  • You can change into your normal clothes in the dojo, but only in your designated spot
  • Wash hands at exist
  • Exit via the front door
  • When all students have left, I will mop down the Mat area

Back home

  • When home wash Gi