Bujinkan Badge

Bujinkan Badge



Bujinkan translates as warrior god training hall. It also symbolises the collection of the 9 different Ryu (schools) collected by the Togakure Ninjutsu clan over an 8 to 9 hundred year history.
If you wish to know more about the 9 schools ask your black belt






BBD Flash

BBD Ninjutsu Flash



This is who we are and what we stand for
The BBD was set up by Brian McCarthy to develop authentic ninjutsu skills.
Brian originally read a book that detailed some of Hatsumi’s training written by Andrew Adams. This prompted him to write to Hatsumi . Remember this is way before email and social media had become commonplace. Following correspondence, Brian trained in the USA (approx 1981) and then Japan and this evolved into the BBD. It’s interesting to think that if Brian had not written that letter then so much of what is important in my life would never have happened!

The BBD respect the past linking the students to the history of past warriors who fought on many battlefields throughout history to bring these skills to you. But also ensuring you can apply the physical, mental and spiritual traits of ninjutsu in TODAYS world. The BBD has dojo’s across Europe


Want to know more about the BBD ask your black belt. Want to train in Portsmouth message me