BBD Ninjutsu Friends and Martial Art friends 2021

Hi all my BBD Friends and Martial Art friends everywhere, strange year for us all. Here’s a video to remind us of the wonderful people, and skills that we will be back to shortly. Regardless of Covid lockdowns or restrictions on training, we all keep going on. My kitchen or back yard is my dojo […]


COVID SAFE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING – PORTSMOUTH On 15th August we ran a test martial arts lesson to ensure our covid safe ninjutsu training works. All worked well, the students in the test class were all pushed and found the material exciting, challenging and safe. Students feedback below Sebastian Phillips – Awesome training. Really impressed […]


Bujinkan Badge     Bujinkan translates as warrior god training hall. It also symbolises the collection of the 9 different Ryu (schools) collected by the Togakure Ninjutsu clan over an 8 to 9 hundred year history. If you wish to know more about the 9 schools ask your black belt           […]


Toshitsugu Takamatsu – 33rd Grandmaster Of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu A picture I had not seen before of Takamatsu. Through him, the collection of the 9 Ryu’s (schools) is accomplished. He lived through a period of time were from our perspective the ancient past and modern era connect. Takamatsu passed the teachings on to Hatsumi Sensei […]

White collar boxing for cancer.

Last night Alan Waters and Amy Hicks members of BBD Portsmouth, fought in white collar boxing for cancer. Very proud of both of them for putting themselves on the line. In total 18 fights during the night the only loser being cancer every time  

Great Ladies Self Defence course

Great Ladies Self Defence course on 3rd of April Covering 1) Awareness + observation 2) Victim profile and not having one 3) Strategy’s on how to beat male scum 4) Building power via movement 5) Creating your own recipes of defence techniques to fit the situation. Great work everyone and see you soon     […]

Ladies Self Defence Course

You are here: Home » Ladies Ladies Ladies Self Defence Course April 3rd  at 12 noon to 3-3.30pm. Cost £15 Course Content THE FIRST 90 SECONDS 10 LEVELS OF AWARENESS THE MORAL DILEMMA AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT YOUR SPACE WHAT IS A VICTIM PROFILE MALE STRENGTH AND HOW TO DEFEAT IT INCREASE YOUR […]

Knife Fighting Course Portsmouth

Everyone is welcome to the BBD National Ninjustu course in Portsmouth Learn knife defence strategies and techniques to survive on the streets in the 21st century All of us in the martial arts study many skills from the past (sword, long staff etc) However knife defence is as relevant today as it was in ancient […]

Ninjustu Course Way of the Blade

A brief review of the Way of the Blade (sword work) course below. Following a very early morning start (there’s a 5 in the morning too?)  a few members of the Portsmouth Dojo of the BBD piled into cars and travelled up to Newark for the Way of the Blade course, taught by Brian McCarthy. […]